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Mission have two missions:

Mission 1: We want to democratize the knowledge about vacancies on the real estate market. wants to democratize all knowledge about the housing and commercial real estate market, so that all people on the market get the same access to information about vacancies on the market.

It´s very difficult to get good and cheap housing. Often it is the most wealthy people that get the best and cheapest houses for rent, because they have the means to get faster access to information about vacancies than others.

This inequality we fight very intensely by gathering all information about the market and giving all people access to all information on the market very quickly.

By giving people knowledge about the housing market we empower them to act on the market.

Mission 2: We want to get all the vacancies out on the market by matching tenant and landlord on social parameters
Many housing rentals - in the form of rooms and parts of houses where the landlord him- or herself lives - are not put on the market and are not rented out, because the people owning the houses really don´t need the money they can earn and think that it´s too problematic to rent out.

At the same time many people  - especially in the big cities - can find rooms and rentals.

We are dedicated to develop algorithms to our SEAMP´s that can match tenant and landlord on social parameters - related to the tenant helping the landlord with different things - to motivate all the landlords that don´t need the money to put their vacancies on the market for renting out.